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Common Ground Gardendale

Welcome to Common Ground Gardendale, the website for information about the oil and gas drilling activities of FDL Operating, LLC, (“FDL”) in the Gardendale, Texas area. The purpose of this site is to provide accurate information and develop mutual understanding so that property owners and mineral rights holders can coexist in a way that benefits the entire community.

The mineral rights in the Gardendale area were severed from the surface rights more than 50 years ago. When Gardendale landowners bought their properties, they acquired them subject to the mineral owner’s right to develop the minerals. This includes the right to the reasonable and necessary use of the surface and to access and produce those minerals. In 2007 the mineral rights underlying the Gardendale area were leased for oil and gas drilling. In 2014, FDL acquired those leases from Linn Energy (“Linn”).

FDL intends to continue to develop the oil and gas resources in a manner that 1) protects the health and safety of both the people and environment of Gardendale, 2) is consistent with applicable laws and regulations and 3) honors our obligations to the royalty owners in the Gardendale area.

On this site you will find information about our current plans in Gardendale and the uncommon solutions that we are employing to reasonably limit the impacts on surface property owners, and answers to frequently asked questions.